Nursing Trailblazer Barbara L. Nichols Selected as Inaugural Recipient of the UW–Madison School of Nursing Canary Savage Girardeau Award for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Nichols is known for her visionary leadership, advocacy, and political expertise throughout her 60-plus-year career.

Dean’s Letter | Fall 2022

As our students prepare to contribute to a nursing workforce with an aim to build health equity, they must be aware of and willing to disrupt sources of disparities. To do so, they must be encouraged to recognize, embrace, and trust their capacity to lead and create change. Cultivating a leadership mindset and identity is integral to nursing education. I can proudly say that it is a point of distinction at the SoN.

More than Medicine

Professor Linda D. Oakley, PhD, RN, is taking a heart-health message to historically marginalized Black communities and nursing students. As the Louis J. and Phyllis Clark Jacobs Professor in Mental Health, Oakley is committed to using science to find health and well-being solutions to systemic hypertension present in Black communities.

Lead Through Influence

Like magnets, our relationships with one another have the power to attract and repel. That complex network of relationships makes up our organizations’ culture. Health care operations leaders must take care to build up their organization’s culture to harness the invisible, magnetic influences and manage that force to create a high-performing culture.