Malawi refugee camp staff and School of Nursing global health students make the W sign

Malawi Immersion

Students stand in front of palm trees in Thailand

Thailand Immersion

The town of San Lucas Toliman - site of the Guatemala immersion program

Guatemala Immersion

A student makes the W hand sign on a cliff overlooking the sea during the Irish global immersion program.

Ireland Research Immersion

School of Nursing students during their global immersion program in Belize.

Belize DNP Immersion

Global Health

“I am forever grateful to the people of Malawi for reminding me of the importance of human connection in health care.”

Anna, Malawi Immersion Program

Malawi or Thailand Immersion

Each summer, students in the traditional BSN program can participate in a four-week global experiential course in Malawi or Thailand. Students partner with local preceptors to learn health promotion, disease prevention, environmental health, and population-centered nursing. For more information, visit the Rural and Global Immersion section of the student site.

Guatemala Immersion

In this new immersion program, students in the traditional BSN program will provide sustainable care responsive to the specific needs of the San Lucas Tolimán community. Students will experience interdisciplinary collaboration with partners in medicine, pharmacy, and physical therapy. For more information, visit the Rural and Global Immersion section of the student site.

Ireland Research Immersion

This study abroad experience takes place at the School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Systems at University College Dublin. Students learn about evidence-based practice, the nursing research process, and Irish society and culture. Program length varies from two to four weeks in June. Learn more on the Rural and Global Immersion section of the student site.

Belize DNP Immersion

Each May, the School of Nursing’s doctor of nursing practice (DNP) program partners with the School of Medicine and Public Health’s physician assistant (PA) program. Faculty and local healthcare providers precept with DNP and PA students to provide primary care to citizens in rural, underserved villages around Independence, Belize.

The clinical practice experience takes place Monday through Friday for one week. Students participate in a mid-week and weekend excursion, which extend the trip to approximately 10 days. On-campus preparation takes place before the immersion. DNP students earn required clinical practice hours.

Additional Global Health Opportunities and Resources

Additional opportunities for nursing students interested in global health issues and experiences:

  • International Academic Programs (IAP): IAP is the university’s comprehensive resource for academic experiences worldwide. It offers more than 200 programs in 60 countries in collaboration with academic units across campus. The School of Nursing partners with IAP to offer the summer clinical experiences and nursing research programs immersions listed above.
  • School of Nursing Domestic Immersions: The School of Nursing offers clinical immersion opportunities in rural Wisconsin for students in the traditional undergraduate nursing program. Learn about what is currently offered on the Rural and Global Immersion section of the student site.

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