photo of older adults in a fall prevention program

Community & Innovation

Collaborative Initiatives

Aging and Elder Care

CARE connects stakeholders and creates products, trainings, and other solutions. Its innovations include Geri-Res, which helps long-term care facilities train newer nurses and reduce costly turnover, and eCARE, a smartphone app for caregivers.

Photo of Prof. Jarzemsky working with her students to offer care to the local elderly community.

Involving Underserved Populations in Research

The Wisconsin Network for Research Support (WINRS) promotes meaningful patient and community engagement. Its CARDS® program connects researchers with community members to help reach underrepresented communities.

Photo of CARDS members, along with School of Nursing faculty, meet with the community.

Interprofessional Continuing Education

The Interprofessional Continuing Education Partnership (ICEP) creates and provides educational experiences that encourage the sharing of expertise across roles and promote the success of healthcare professionals within team-based delivery systems.

Photo of an Inter-Professional Education collaborative class with Nursing and Pharmacy students in a CTEN lab.

Pediatric & School Nursing

The Healthy Learner Collaborative of Wisconsin includes representatives from K-12 schools, health care organizations, and higher education institutions in the Dane County area.

Photo of Sennett Middle School students walk the halls with their school nurse.

Partnering Across Boundaries for Better Research

The School of Nursing partners to encourage researchers to collaborate, share information and best practices, and connect research with nursing practice.

Aerial photo of the UW Medical Campus.