Dr. Kristen Pecanac Receives Grant to Improve Surrogate Decision Making

Kristen Pecanac
School of Nursing Faculty and Staff Portraits (March 2023)

Kristen Pecanac, PhD, RN, was awarded the Stakeholder & Patient Engaged Research (SPER) Pilot Award to support the project Co-developing a communication-training intervention to improve surrogate decision making. The project was awarded by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). The primary goal of Dr. Pecanac’s project is to improve the process and experience of surrogate decision-making by identifying effective provider communication strategies when engaging with racially diverse surrogate decision makers. The investigative team includes Dr. Jacqueline Kruser (SMPH). Partners include the Lussier Community Education Center and the Wisconsin Network for Research Support (WINRS). The total award is $96,670.