Dr. Megan Zuelsdorff Awarded a Pandemic-Affected Research Continuation Initiative Grant

Dr. Megan Zuelsdorff, PhD, was awarded a Pandemic-Affected Research Continuation Initiative grant to support the study Stress and Resilience in Dementia: Social-biological Dimensions of Alzheimer’s Risk and Resilience Across Diverse Communities. The grant is funded by …

Other Side of the Door

A winter immersion program for the School of Nursing’s Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing (ABSN) program shows students how nurses help build healthy communities in rural places. The school is committed to every student participating in a clinical focused on population health.

New Strategies for Aging Communities

For two years, the Healthy Aging in Rural Towns (HeART) project has brought together coalitions from Iowa and Langlade counties and the city of Waupun with the School of Nursing’s Center for Aging Research and Education (CARE) to support rural aging-in-place.