Student Spotlight: Karl Hummel x’23

Headshot of Karl Hummel in white School of Nursing scrub top
Karl Hummel x’23, Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

Meet Karl Hummel from Madison, Wisconsin. He is a second-year bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) student and School of Nursing student ambassador.

What has been your favorite class or unit in the nursing program?
My favorite class so far has been N318: Pathophysiology Essentials for Nursing Practice. While it may sound morbid, I was fascinated by the incredible variety of maladies that can affect each system in the human body. I felt like I gained a true understanding of how each system in the body functioned, what can go wrong, and what can potentially be done to solve the problem.

Where have your clinical placements been?
My first clinical placement was in cardiothoracic surgery, with the heart and lung transplant unit at UW Health. There were a wide variety of cases, each with their own level of complexity as patients’ statuses ranged from ICU to general care. To me, it was the perfect place to start as I was exposed to so many different aspects of health care. Beyond that, I have had clinical placements in the trauma and surgical intermediate care (IMC) and the neurosciences general care unit, both of which were interesting in their own unique ways. With each clinical, there are new challenges. In addition to learning new things every week, overcoming these obstacles as they arise has been very rewarding.

What are you involved in outside of nursing school?
Outside of nursing school, I am very involved with the UW Triathlon Team! While I was initially hesitant to join, many of my friends in the nursing program who were already club members encouraged me to attend an exercise session, and I have loved training for triathlons, like the upcoming Madison Ironman, ever since. Exercising in a variety of ways with such a fun group of people is great, not just for physical health, but for emotional and social health as well.

How would you like to use your nursing degree in the future?
My current nursing goal is to work in a cardiovascular intensive care unit (ICU). I am fascinated by the physiology of the heart, and I would love to provide care for patients in a unit that requires hard work and organizational skills as much as it requires compassion and empathy. After I feel I have mastered my clinical and decision-making skills, I am interested in pursuing higher education to become a nurse anesthetist to further challenge myself while still helping patients in need of complex care.

How would you describe the culture of the nursing program at UW–Madison?
I would describe the culture of the nursing program as inclusive, supportive, and rigorous! I feel like I can talk to both students and staff alike if I am having issues about anything. Since all nursing students in a cohort are taking the same classes at the same time, we can connect over shared challenges and work together as a team to solve them. Overall, the program pushes you mentally and emotionally. But, with effort and dedication, the courses provide an excellent foundation to become an amazing nurse.

Just for fun, what’s on your Spotify playlist these days?
My Spotify playlist is filled with a myriad of artists and genres, but recently I have been listening to the likes of The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and the Beatles. Groovy!

Favorite UW tradition?
Jump Around, of course!