Meet Academic Award Winner Taylor DiRienzo

Taylor DiRienzo
Taylor DiRienzo ’22, TBSN

Taylor DiRienzo ’22, Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Ginsberg/Meyerhoff Family Award recipient

Taylor DiRienzo is a professional in all his academic and extracurricular duties. He goes the extra mile to support other students, the overall School of Nursing mission, and the community. He is part of the volunteer medical team for clinics in Nicaragua, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Kenya. Additionally, he has served local free clinics with MEDiC, a student-led organization that runs six free health clinics throughout the Madison area. He is also an active participant in the Success Through Recruitment/Retention, Engagement, and Mentorship (STREAM) program and the Native American Center for Health Professionals. His commitment to equity and inclusion is evident in his role as the diversity representative for the 2022 graduating class.

DiRienzo says, “I’m beyond honored to be chosen for this award as it validates those many nights where I doubted whether I was doing enough for myself, my family and friends, the School of Nursing, and my communities. Those feelings of inadequacy often coexist in the absence of recognition. There is always someone watching, and this honor motivates me further to continue serving and advocating for others in my communities. ‘Be the change (and advocate for the change) you want to see in the world.’”

About the Ginsberg/Meyerhoff Family Award

The Ginsberg Family Award is a UW–Madison campus award. It is awarded to junior or senior students who have made outstanding contributions to the university community while maintaining strong and consistent academic performance. The Ginsberg family distributes these awards in honor of the late Dean of Students Paul Ginsberg. Paul’s family recognizes his profound impact on the campus community and wants to continue his legacy of transforming the student experience.