Meet Academic Award Winner Rachel Phillips Chenoweth

Rachel Phillips Chenoweth
Rachel Phillips Chenoweth, DNP’22

Rachel Phillips Chenoweth, BSN, RN, DNP’22
DNP Excellence Award recipient

Described by her peers as a constant source of support, Rachel Phillips Chenoweth shows high levels of intelligence and achievement in class discussions and clinical rotations. For several years, Chenoweth has worked as a project assistant in Dr. Rachel Gicquelais’ research group. In this role, Chenoweth helped with data collection, design, and analysis of a project that sought to identify strategies for overdose prevention within substance use and mental health treatment organizations. Expanding on her DNP scholarly project, Chenoweth implemented an overdose safety planning intervention that she delivered to 10 patients receiving treatment for opioid use disorder in Madison, WI.

Outside of her academic and scholarly achievements, Chenoweth is active as a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) and the Graduate Nursing Student Organization at the School of Nursing. Additionally, she has volunteered in collecting data for the Dane County Care Center and as a CPR instructor at Operation Fresh Start. After graduation, Chenoweth will practice child and adolescent psychiatry. She shows strong leadership and commitment and is an exemplary nurse leader and adept practitioner.

Chenoweth says, “I am incredibly honored and humbled to receive nominations for the School of Nursing DNP Excellence Award. Throughout my time at UW–Madison, I have been fortunate to be involved in a variety of research projects all while working with outstanding mentors.”

About the DNP Excellence Award

Students eligible for the DNP Excellence Awards must demonstrate consistent success in all areas of emphasis in the DNP curriculum. These include clinical scholarship, leadership, and policy development, as well as advanced clinical practice. Their achievements in at least two of these areas must be regarded as outstanding. Finally, the eligible nominee(s) must have contributed meaningfully to the School of Nursing or our community through voluntary service activities that go beyond those required as part of the DNP program.