Meet Academic Award Winner Nichole Hinkel

Nichole Hinkel
Nichole Hinkel, MSN, RN-BC

Nichole Hinkel, MSN, RN-BC
DAISY Faculty Award recipient

Nichole Hinkel’s passion for nursing, combined with her hard work, compassion, and ability to balance fun and work makes her an outstanding clinical instructor. Hinkel challenges and supports her students while looking for innovative ways to teach nursing concepts. Because of Hinkel, students learn not only about nursing skills and practices but how to be the best nurses they can possibly be.

She also prioritizes her students’ health and well-being. After a challenging semester for clinical groups, Hinkel took the time to individually reach out to students to ensure they were receiving the help they needed to succeed. By creating a safe space for students to grow and collaborate while also tending to their own needs, Hinkel fosters an inclusive and engaging learning environment that inspires students to excel as nurses.

About the DAISY Faculty Award

The DAISY Foundation recognizes that the pressures on nursing faculty are numerous, yet their impact is powerful. Many students talk about hearing a professor’s or instructor’s voice in their ears even years after they have graduated. These dedicated nursing faculty members often do not receive appropriate recognition for the effect they have on their students, on patient care, and on the professionalism of nursing. The DAISY Faculty Award was created to recognize and celebrate the contributions faculty make to the future of nursing.