Meet Academic Award Winner Raquel Burnham

Raquel Burnham
Raquel Burnham ’22, TBSN

Raquel Burnham ’22, Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Mary L. Keller Research Award recipient

Raquel Burnham is a strong advocate with a passion for social justice. For nearly three years, Burnham has been part of Dr. Maichou Lor’s research that helps investigate healthcare disparities for Hispanic adults. Her specific research study looks at hearing loss and its care for Hispanic adults and their caregivers. Through her research, she has been able to present at conferences and complete a manuscript for publication. The research done has been able to help understand the intricacies of hearing loss care for Hispanic adults and their caregivers, including distinct attitudes and barriers that exist for these patients. Burnham hopes to use her background research from UW–Madison to enhance her own practice and others’. Additionally, she plans to extend her research in the clinical setting at a MAGNET® hospital to incorporate more diverse and inclusive practices in the preoperative setting. She has found a way to merge her love of research with a passion for health equity to serve the greater good.

“Research gives me the opportunity to go beyond my clinical practice and manifest change in a broader realm,” says Burnham. “It is an honor to be recognized for my research at UW–Madison that has driven my last two years and allowed me to grow as a more holistic healthcare professional.”

About the Mary L. Keller Research Award

The Mary L. Keller Memorial Research Award is named after Professor Mary Keller, who taught at the School of Nursing for nearly two decades. She is remembered as an outstanding scholar and mentor to students. In memory of Professor Keller, who died of cancer in 2006, an award was established to recognize a student who embodies Professor Keller’s passion and integrity.