Dr. Megan Zuelsdorff Collaborates with Cuban Scientists

AAAS and Cuban Academy of Sciences Brainstorm on U.S.-Cuba Shared Challenges and Opportunities in Aging and Disaster Management

American Association for the Advancement of Science | April 18, 2024

Dr. Megan ZuelsdorffMegan Zuelsdorff, PhD, was part of a delegation led by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) that traveled to Havana to discuss potential areas of collaboration with Cuban scientists at a professional meeting on aging and disaster management this spring. The AAAS delegation included scientists affiliated with ten different universities based in eight states across the U.S.

“Across this multi-disciplinary, international group, there was a sense of teamwork and common foundation that made the connections between our work feel intuitive and the means of achieving them feel within reach,” said Zuelsdorff. “I finished the meeting feeling optimistic, highly motivated to collaborate on next steps and to integrate my new colleagues’ perspectives into my existing research and service.”

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