Megan Zuelsdorff, PhD

Assistant Professor


3115 Signe Skott Cooper Hall

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Demography of Health and Aging
PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Population Health Sciences
MS, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Population Health Sciences
BS, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Neuroscience

Dr. Zuelsdorff is an epidemiologist studying social-biological pathways and mechanisms that underlie cognitive health disparities in later life. She leads the Stress and Resilience in Dementia (STRIDE) study, focused on clarifying stress-related physiological mechanisms that link life course adversity to brain aging and cognitive declines in older populations. Her work prioritizes research and action that improves inclusion of underrepresented communities in cognitive aging studies through accessible design, ongoing responsiveness to community stakeholders, and sustained service. Dr. Zuelsdorff’s interdisciplinary research program is centered on understanding community-specific dementia risk factors, as well as personal, community, and policy-based resources that can reduce risk burden.