Dr. Katie Pavek featured in article about life for Wisconsin nurses post-COVID

They stayed in nursing after COVID. But these Wisconsin nurses will never be the same.
USA Today Network | December 28, 2023

Katie Pavek

Katie Pavek ’08, PhD’21, MSN, RN, University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing clinical assistant professor and wellness officer, was recently featured in a USA Today Network article about what life is like for Wisconsin nurses post-COVID.  

“People didn’t stop having heart attacks, and people didn’t stop having strokes. Those needs were always there, so not having that time to really stop and regroup and check in with ourselves created high levels of stress,” said Pavek, who recently took on the role of the School of Nursing’s new wellness officer. “We kind of just keep stuffing it down and continuing on business as usual until a true (mental health) crisis hits.”

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