Student Spotlight: Annaly Garcia x’23

Annaly Garcia

Annaly Garcia
TBSN x’23 
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

What has been your favorite class or unit in the nursing program?  

Despite Pharmacology being one of the most challenging classes, it was also one of my favorites. Being able to come up with mnemonics and stories for each medication was entertaining. Most of these phrases have stuck with me during my second year, which helps me when I educate patients about medications. 

Where have your clinical placements been? And what were your experiences like? 

For my first clinical rotation I was located on the transplant unit at UW Hospital. This is when I knew that I picked the right profession for me! 

I was then assigned to work with the geriatric population at the hospital. This unit was converted into the COVID-19 floor, so special PPE precautions were enforced. I gained an understanding of how incredible nurses are as frontline workers! The nurses we worked with were amazing and did not let COVID-19 stop them from providing patient care as well as being knowledgeable mentors. 

I then found myself in general surgery—specifically bariatrics. This was where I felt the most hands-on with patients in a hospital setting, which was exciting! 

I am currently working at the diabetes clinic with my amazing preceptor. Regardless of where I have been practicing my nursing skills, I have gained new knowledge and have accepted all the helpful tips given to me. 

What are you involved in outside of nursing school? 

I am the academic liaison of the Multicultural Student Nursing Organization (MSNO). I direct pre-nursing students to resources that were specifically designed for pre-nursing prerequisite courses. I also provide insight to how to handle academic stress as a pre-nursing student and help them come up with ways to manage their lives. I would like to think of myself as a peer who is willing to actively listen and work with others to come up with solutions to their stress. 

Annaly Garcia poses with her white coat outside of Cooper HallWhat are your nursing goals and/or career aspirations? 

I would love to work in the field of women’s health, specifically obstetrics and gynecology. However, I am still very open to learning more about all areas. As a woman of color, I am passionate about providing compassionate care and patient education to minority communities. I would love to help women from all different demographics! 

How would you describe the culture of the nursing program? 

The faculty and professors of the nursing program are constantly making progress in providing more inclusive education. As a Mexican-American, I appreciate when we have discussions pertaining to immigration because it opens the classroom up for deeper conversations. I also find it helpful in our learning when we see pictures of patients of color. We as nurses have an oath to provide quality care to all, so it is crucial for us to learn about the differences in skin color, texture, etc. There is still work that needs to be done within the nursing school, but it is acknowledged that voices like mine are heard and represented. 

What advice would you give individuals interested in pursuing nursing? 

Nursing is a great profession! There are many pathways within the nursing profession and a variety of populations that one has the ability to work with.  

As a former pre-nursing student, I understand how the pre-nursing years can be challenging, but it is important to try new things and join clubs or organizations that pique your interest!  

What’s on your Spotify/Pandora/Apple Music playlist?  

Whatever the mood is, I will play Bad Bunny! I saw him in concert twice this year, so one can say I am a fan. 

I also enjoy the genre of alternative R&B because it is so diverse and artists are very creative based on their interpretation of the genre.  

What is your favorite UW tradition? 

My favorite UW tradition would have to be homecoming! The best part is the multicultural yard show where students of color from all over campus come and perform for all to watch. The performances are amazing!