Oakley, PhD, RN, Linda D.

Areas of Interest: social determinants of morbidity & mortality in Black communities, health self-management strategies, depression

Pecanac, PhD, RN, Kristen

Dr. Pecanac’s research explores interactions among health care practitioners, patients and family members when making decisions related to treatment in the hospital setting.

Roberts, PhD, RN, Tonya

Areas of Interest: Care of frail, older adults; quality of life and person-centered care; patient activation; long-term care services and supports; health services research

Steege, PhD, Linsey

Areas of interest: nurse fatigue; improving health, safety & performance of health professionals; human factors engineering; systems approach for organizational redesign

Tebbe, PhD, LP, Elliot

Dr. Tebbe’s research centers on investigating the factors driving mental health inequities among queer and trans/nonbinary people and communities, with an aim towards developing and implementing community-centered prevention and intervention strategies to alleviate distress and promote health and well-being.

Zuelsdorff, PhD, Megan

Dr. Zuelsdorff is an epidemiologist studying social-biological mechanisms that underlie cognitive health and health disparities in older populations.