Q & A with Memee Moua

Memee Moua, Class of 2022
Memee Moua | Class of 2022 | Hometown: Richfield, WI | Program: Traditional BSN

What has been your favorite class or unit in the nursing program?

My favorite class so far has been Nursing 316: Foundations of Nursing Practice. Because of this class, I have been able to expand and apply the nursing knowledge I have learned thus far. Working with other nurses and patients during clinicals is so impactful and helps build on my aspirations to be in the nursing field. My experience could not have been so remarkable without my amazing, intelligent, and hilarious clinical group, and my instructor, Anna Kohl.

What are you involved in outside of nursing school?

I always try to explore other opportunities outside of nursing school! The Center of Educational Opportunity (CeO) is a big part of who I am and has helped build my character and drive on campus. I wanted to help other students who share similar identities and backgrounds, so I also mentor other CeO scholars! In addition, I am a McNair Scholar and participate in research pertaining to Candida albicans biofilms. Although I do love to involve myself outside of nursing school, I am a big advocate for the School of Nursing here at UW–Madison. I am a Student Ambassador and am always willing to represent the SoN and talk to prospective nursing students.

What are your nursing goals and/or career aspirations?

My mind is always changing as I explore new realms of nursing and opportunities. Firstly, I want to pursue a doctor of nursing practice (DNP). In the later future, I want to pursue a master’s degree in public health to help advance the scientific basis of health care practices and improve public health. I would love to work for the Center for Disease Control one day, after many years of working in the nursing field.

What has been a “silver lining” during the pandemic for you?

The pandemic has allowed me to grow as a person holistically. I have lost a lot of great opportunities, but I have been able to take advantage of time and evaluate myself. Oftentimes, with academics, work, personal conflicts, and more, we forget about our own self and well-being. During this time, I was able to reconnect with not only my friends and family, but also myself.