Meet Academic Award Winner Samira Barti

Samira Barti
Samira Barti ’22, TBSN

Samira Barti ’22, Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing
DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students recipient

As a nurse, Samira Barti recognizes the honor and privilege it is to form intimate, meaningful relationships with her patients while seeing them at their most vulnerable moments. During her student internship in the summer of 2021, Barti made it her goal to learn as much as possible to improve her patient education skills and act as an advocate for women of color during their birthing stay. This was the summer Barti met a patient she says she will never forget.

The patient was a Black woman in her 30s, who Barti got to know on a deeper level. She provided extra care to her patient by taking the time to get to know her and make her comfortable in asking questions and asking for help. Barti discovered the type of nurse she wanted to embody. This experience molded her into a holistic nurse, who advocates for herself and her patients regardless of her hesitation or fear. Her nursing care is grounded in the belief of tending to the patient’s needs, specifically the social-emotional elements.

Even as a student nurse, Barti has already begun changing lives through her commitment to eradicating health disparities, as well as combating bias and racism in health. Outside of the work environment, Barti supports her classmates and goes above and beyond in every aspect of nursing. As a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the first intercollegiate historically African American sorority, Barti’s passions are exemplified by supporting Black women in health care. Her genuine love for the nursing profession and advocacy will fuel her in her career and beyond.

About the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students

The DAISY in Training Student Award was created to remind nursing students, even on their hardest days in nursing school, why they want to be a nurse.  It recognizes nursing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion they show patients and their families as they are learning what it means to be a nurse. Nominees demonstrate commitment to compassionate care of patients and families, make a connection with patients, families, and peers by building trust and respect, advocate strongly for patients, and demonstrate exceptional skill.