Meet Academic Award Winner Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson ’22, TBSN

Sam Anderson ’22, Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award recipient

Sam Anderson had a difficult time transitioning to college, but he renewed his commitment to his academic success during his sophomore year. Since then, he has maintained a 4.0 grade point average and is often found helping his nursing cohort study for exams. The secret to his success, he says, is putting himself out there to learn as much as he can.

“When we were learning online during the pandemic, I made sure to participate and take the daunting step of speaking in front of the entire class. I also took advantage of office hours and asked questions to better understand the material,” says Anderson. “This was most definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but over time it became a habit. Throughout the duration of nursing school, my peers have noticed this habit and have been thankful that I have taken the chance to speak up in front of everyone. It sounds extremely simple, but in reality, it can be very scary.”

Outside of the classroom, Anderson is a School of Nursing student ambassador and serves on the Student Advisory Board, both of which allow him to give a voice to the student experience and help pave a better path for future Badger nurses. Some of his favorite work experiences include clinical rotations in the intensive care unit at the VA hospital, the neuro intermediate care unit, as well as a student nurse assistant position in the pediatric intensive care unit.

About the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

The Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award is bestowed upon a nursing student who excels in academic performance, clinical competence, and professional and community service.