Where Are They Now? Q&A with Treenut Pummanee, PhD’14

Treenut Pummanee (Jub)Treenut PummaneePhD’14
Currently resides in Hat-Yai, Songkhla, Thailand 

Nursing Journey 

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Prince of Songkla University, and a master’s degree in mental health through the psychiatry department at the Chulalongkorn University School of Medicine in Thailand. My PhD program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing began in 2009, and I graduated as a Badger nurse in 2014.  

After finishing the PhD program, I moved back to Thailand and I worked as an assistant professor. Currently, I direct the Psychiatric and Mental Health nursing division at the Prince of Songkla University School of Nursing in Hat Yai, Thailand. Starting this role in 2020, I have been teaching both lectures and practicum to undergraduates and graduate nursing students, as well as developing extra programming for students—all while conducting research.  

Why UW–Madison?

Treenut PummaneeThe University of Wisconsin–Madison is a world-ranked university with top academic programs. I was inspired and supported by my colleagues and other Badger alumni in Thailand to apply. It was a blessing to be given the opportunity to become a Badger! The School of Nursing not only gave me a solid academic foundation, but it also provided scholarships and support. I served as both a teaching assistant and research assistant. Both experiences shaped me as a researcher and a teacher. 

Significant Memory or Experience from Nursing Education

As an international student from another continent, I have a lot of great memories while learning at UW–Madison. The United States was a new world to me—there are many differences in language, culture, food, and weather! However, what impressed me the most was the people in Madison. Although I had the opportunity to travel to other states, no other place compared to the caliber of kind-hearted and friendly people in Madison! I will always consider it my second home. I can’t thank the faculty and staff enough at the School of Nursing that I was able to interact with during my time at UW–Madison!  

What advice would you give to current nursing students or individuals who are considering an advanced degree? 

Treenut Pummanee with her students in Thailand.As an international student, studying for a higher degree is necessary in today’s world. I love the way the UW–Madison learning system values face-to-face teaching, rather than an online-based learning model.  

Favorite experience through my PhD program  

My favorite experience was traveling and attending the Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) conference with my PhD peers, undergraduate students, staff, and faculty members in Ohio and St. Louis. During the conference in St. Louis, I was elated that I could invite our UW–Madison group to enjoy Thai food for one of our dinners together—I will forever cherish that memory!