Meet Pin Recipient David Sohl ’22

David Sohl
David Sohl ’22

The Dean’s Pin, added in 2019, was awarded to David Sohl, a traditional bachelor of science in nursing student who has made a lasting impact on the school through his leadership, compassion, and desire to help others.

A returning student, his classmates note that he has faced some hardships and struggles as he has started his nursing journey. Despite the challenges, they emphasize that Sohl is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals in the School of Nursing, and despite the challenges, including working two jobs while attending classes and clinicals throughout his undergraduate career, Sohl is always willing to help where he can and offer to support those in need.

Prior to enrolling in the School of Nursing, Sohl spent four years in the United State Army serving as a combat medic and gaining a great deal of medical knowledge overseas. During his service, he was deployed to Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011, and provided selfless service to fellow soldiers on the front lines.

Sohl has also dedicated time to volunteering, helping organize a local inclusive youth scouting group, as well as providing community service to senior citizens in the area.

“Nursing is a long-term goal I set over a decade ago, from my experiences as an Army medic deployed to Afghanistan,” says Sohl. “Caring for others and services in the field of health care have both been a personal passion, which I believe the apex of those noble endeavors exists together as a nurse. I am proud to be honored by those that paved the way before me and provided role models and leaders. Thank you, and I will strive to enable others to also manifest their wealth of potential for the betterment of our communities.”