University of Wisconsin–Madison

Linsey Steege, PhD

Assistant Professor


4127 Signe Skott Cooper Hall

photo of Linsey Steege

PhD, Virginia Tech; Industrial and Systems Engineering
MS, Virginia Tech; Industrial and Systems Engineering
BS, Washington University in St. Louis; Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Steege’s overall research goal is to improve health, safety and performance of health professionals, and by doing so, to benefit society by improving healthcare quality. In pursuit of this goal, she has several research interests including: human factors and ergonomics in health care systems; measuring and modeling provider stress, fatigue, workflow, and performance; and technology design and integration into healthcare systems. Her work thus far combines qualitative and quantitative research methods informed by a human factors engineering approach to focus on two primary areas of inquiry:

  • Occupational fatigue and its consequences for nurse health, safety, and performance
  • Relationships among the design of the work system, health professionals’ decision-making, teamwork and communication processes, and practice outcomes

Specifically, she leads an interdisciplinary research team that has conducted multiple studies to measure and model fatigue and its impact on nurse health, safety, and performance; identify and evaluate sources of nurse fatigue; and conceptualize models for multilevel fatigue risk management in nursing work systems.

She is also interested in the design and implementation of systems-based interventions to improve nurse communication, teamwork, and decision-making processes in order to improve patient outcomes and quality in multiple healthcare settings.