Kitty Montgomery, PhD, RN, PCNS-BC

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-263-5263

3143 Signe Skott Cooper Hall

Kitty Montgomery

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in: Nursing, 2013
MS, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in: Nursing, 2007
BA, University of Iowa in: Health Promotion, 2005

Dr. Montgomery has a BA in health promotion from the University of Iowa and an MS and PhD in nursing from UW–Milwaukee. An experienced pediatric nurse and clinical nurse specialist, her research focuses on the symptom experiences among children and adolescents with cancer. She leads a research program focused on improving the care and quality of life of children with cancer; and to advancing the field of symptom science in 1) identifying symptom trajectories and biopsychosocial characteristics of children who experience high symptom suffering, 2) examining the interdependence between communication and symptom burden among child/caregiver dyads, and 3) developing risk-based and personalized symptom management strategies.

Research focus areas

Symptom Science & Palliative Care

  • Characterize the phenotypic characteristics of children who experience high symptom burden and suffering
  • Explore mechanisms underlying cancer-related symptoms in children
  • Develop and test risk-based symptom management strategies
  • Understand the impact of the symptom experience on patient-reported outcomes

Children, Families & Reproductive Health

  • Use the child’s voice whenever possible to understand their symptom experiences
  • Understand the dyadic interdependence between communication, symptom reporting, and symptom management among children with cancer and their caregivers

Children, Families & Reproductive Health      Symptom Science & Palliative Care

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