Littlefield Leadership Lectures

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  • Dr. John Lowe to Present 20th Littlefield Leadership Lecture

    With support from the Friends of Littlefield, the UW-Madison School of Nursing offers the annual Littlefield Lectures as a way to highlight nurse leadership. The UW–Madison School of Nursing is proud to celebrate this milestone 20th lecture in 2019. Dr. John Lowe’s lecture will draw on his experience in research, consulting, and advocacy for health equity and culturally competent health care for Native Americans and Indigenous people globally.

  • Littlefield Lecture 2018 with Trent Adams

    Public Health Is Community Health

    The United States Deputy Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, visited the School of Nursing to deliver the 19th Littlefield Leadership Lecture, an annual speaking event that brings in a renowned nurse leader to share experiences and ideas to educate and inspire the Madison-area nursing community.

  • Dr. Catherine Alicia Georges

    AARP President-Elect to speak about building cultures of health for older adults

    Dr. Catherine Alicia Georges, 2017 Littlefield Leadership Lecturer, delivered a free public talk, “Building a Culture of Health for Older Adults through Community Engagement,” at the UW–Madison School of Nursing.

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