Nurse Educator Certificate

How to Get In

  • Master’s degree from an accredited nursing program or currently enrolled in a DNP or PhD in nursing program
  • RN license
  • MS GPA of 3.0

For Current UW–Madison Doctoral Students

Students enrolled in the PhD or DNP program at the School of Nursing can meet the requirements for certification during their course of study. Students pay for all credits at the tuition rate of the program in which they are enrolled.

Visit the Costs & Financial Aid page for full information about financial support for enrolled students.

For Capstone Certificate Applicants

Nurse Educator Capstone Certificate students follow the capstone certificate tuition schedule. Select “Capstone Certificates” under the Choose a Program dropdown. Note: Wisconsin residents and non-residents are charged different rates.

Nurse Educator Capstone Certificate students are not eligible for School of Nursing assistantships or scholarships. Students may be eligible for scholarships through the Adult Career and Special Student Services Office within the Division of Continuing Studies.

Gainful Employment Act Disclosure

We admit students to begin in the spring session only.

  • Application Opens: Early September
  • Application Deadline: November 1. All materials (including transcripts) must be received by the deadline.
  • Review of Applications: November
  • Notification of Decision: Early December

Review of Applications

We conduct a holistic review of all application materials. Regardless of experience level, ideal candidates possess a desire to expand their knowledge and understanding of the science of nursing education. We also look for candidates who are committed to providing evidence-based nursing education. Our program requires course and practicum work. We look for candidates who understand these demands and are accordingly prepared to make time in their schedules.

To Apply—For Current UW–Madison Doctoral Students

If your are in a doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, communicate your interest in the certificate to your program director or student services coordinator. Then download the Application Form on this page, complete it, and submit it to the address below.

To Apply—For All Other Applicants

More guidance on application materials is available on the Frequently Asked Questions tab.

  1. Apply for the Capstone Certificate as a University Special Student through the Division of Continuing Studies.
    • Reason for Applying = Capstone Certificate
    • Program = Nurse Educator Capstone Certificate Program (UNCS 726)
  2. Seek three letters of recommendation, and have your references submit them directly to the address below.
  3. Submit the following materials (in one envelope):

Submit All Materials To:

NECP Coordinator/Graduate Admissions
UW–Madison School of Nursing
Suite 1100 Cooper Hall
701 Highland Avenue
Madison WI 53705


Why is the Postgraduate Education Statement important?

This portion of the application is your opportunity to expand on your academic and professional background, as reflected in your transcript and CV, and to share your motivation and goals for pursuing postgraduate education.

The statement also provides evidence of your ability to communicate your ideas in writing.

What should the Postgraduate Education Statement contain?

Your statement should address the following topics and be limited to 1,000 words or less.

1. Your interest in postgraduate education. Questions you might address:

    • Why is postgraduate education important to you at this point in your career?
    • What do you hope to gain from this experience?
    • Do you have past professional experiences that will motivate or frame this educational experience?

2. Your preparation for successful achievement of our program learning outcomes. Questions you might address:

    • How will your learning style impact your success in our program?
    • Will distance be an important factor to you?
    • Have you identified a support network?

3. Your potential to make major contributions to the specialty. Questions you might address:

    • How will your completion of this program affect your workplace and patient care?
    • How will you interact with and support other nurse educators?
    • What is your anticipated scope of impact—for example, your home community, the academic community, or perhaps even the global community?

What do I need to know about getting letters of recommendation?

It is very important that you select appropriate recommenders.

  • Your recommenders should be qualified to comment on your ability to succeed academically in this program as well as professionally.
  • We advise that you seek recommendations from individuals who understand the demands and rigor of graduate education in nursing. At least one recommendation letter should be completed by a nurse with a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Make it as easy as possible for your recommenders. Provide them with a copy of your resume and a draft of your Postgraduate Education Statement so they can better address your interests and background. Instruct your recommenders to write the letters on letterhead, if possible.

Do you require the GRE?

No. We do not require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Do you interview applicants?

No. Interviews are not a part of the admission process for this program.

Do I need to submit a transcript from UW–Madison?

No. We can obtain transcripts for all coursework completed at UW–Madison.

I have applied to the same program in the past. Do I need to submit transcripts again?

Yes. You need to submit a new set of official transcripts for each application to the School of Nursing.

My transfer credits from one institution show on my transcript from another school. Do I need to submit both transcripts?

Yes. You need to submit a transcript from each institution where you took college-level courses.

When do you need to receive my transcripts?

We need to receive your transcripts by the application deadline.

Contact us

Kate Beggs

Graduate Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator


Mandi Moy

Director of Admissions & Recruitment