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Why should I join the BNN?

The Badger Nurse Network is a professional group for UW–Madison School of Nursing Alumni, current students, faculty, and staff who are active in the nursing community. The network connects alumni together to share insights, resources, and ideas on healthcare and workforce challenges. With members in over 20 states, 5 countries, and 100 cities across the country, the BNN is a resource for current nursing students to connect with Badger nurses in areas they may want to relocate to. The group also allows School of Nursing alumni to stay connected to their classmates and the profession.

While student-alumni connections are a valuable part of the BNN, the network is not just for practicing nurses. Whether you’re practicing, retired, or pursuing a different profession, the Badger Nurse Network needs your feedback on how your nursing education has contributed to your professional and personal development.

What do BNN members do?

  • Engage and Stay Informed: Badger Nurse Network members stay engaged with the School of Nursing through emails, social media, and events when possible. BNN members have access to special events, lectures, and updates on the School.
  • Reach Out to Classmates: Members grow the Badger Nurse Network by reaching out to former classmates and inviting them to participate.
  • Provide Alumni Insight: Our soon-to-be graduates are looking for alumni to assist with relocation insight, career progression, and networking opportunities.
  • Assist with Graduate Research: Our BNN members volunteer to assist with research studies and other scholarly projects that our current PhD and DNP students are conducting.
  • Volunteer: Members volunteer in multiple ways throughout the year. For example, members are asked to serve as mock interviewers for graduating students to assist in job application preparation.

Who can join the BNN?

The Badger Nurse Network is open to all UW–Madison School of Nursing alumni, current students, staff, and faculty.

How can I join the BNN?

There are currently 600+ Badger Nurse Network members engaging on the Badger Nurse Network Facebook group. You can follow the link to request your membership!

Not on Facebook? No problem! We have over 100 members that are not part of the Facebook group. Please send an email to to join the network! Current BNN members craft and send monthly updates to our BNN members to keep them informed, engaged, and aware of upcoming volunteering events and initiatives.

Meet Some BNN Members

  • Riley Hilliard

    A Journey of Perseverance

    UW–Madison School of Nursing Alumna, Riley Hilliard '20, talks about her dedication, struggles, and journey to becoming a Badger nurse.

  • Andrew O’Donnell

    Andrew O’Donnell ’11, DNP’14

    Andrew O’Donnell is currently working on the front lines of COVID-19 as the interim co-manager of the Trauma Life Support Center at UW Health, supporting a staff of 120 employees, including 90 ICU nurses.

  • Amy_Hermes

    Amy Hermes ’10

    “For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help people,” says Amy Hermes, a 2010 graduate of the UW–Madison School of Nursing’s rigorous BSN@Home program. Now in her 34th year at Stoughton Hospital, and her third as chief nursing officer (CNO) and vice president of patient services, Hermes’ appetite for learning has not slowed down.

  • Hong_Nhan

    Phuoc Hong Nhan ’20

    Phuoc Hong Nhan started his undergraduate career as a math major but found himself at the School of Nursing. “I always knew I wanted to help people. When I did my internship as an EMT, I got to be at the bedside.... It just felt right to me.”

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