60 Seconds with New BOV Chair, Nancy Fraser Michalski

Nancy Fraser MichalskiMeet Nancy Fraser Michalski ’82, the new chair of the Board of Visitors (BOV), and vice president of med legal services for Elevate Services. She has over 35 years of experience, including as an RN, nurse entrepreneur, and in medical billing. A nationally recognized expert, Fraser Michalski has extensive experience testifying in both state and federal courts about medical services and the pricing of medical care.

Q: Tell us a little about your career and what has led you to your current role.

A few years after receiving my BSN from UW–Madison, I was given an amazing opportunity to help build and open the second surgery center west of the Mississippi, which launched in 1987. I worked in the operating room as director of surgery and the medical billing department. I ran that business for 17 years until the facility was sold in 2001. I then started my own business working with lawyers on bodily injury cases providing medical records analysis, medical bill audits, and life care plans. I grew this business over 10 years working with law firms, insurance companies, and the corporate law department to improve case outcomes. In 2012, Elevate Services, a global start-up law company, acquired my business. I now run the Med Legal team in Elevate, continuing to delight customers and grow the business I started 20 years ago.

Q: What are your goals for the Board of Visitors over the next few years?

Michalski: As the leader of the BOV, my primary goal is to support Dean Scott in achieving her vision for the school as we head into our centennial and commemorate the impact of Badger nurses. Our focus in the coming years will be to further align board composition with the future of nursing, continue to enhance alumni engagement, prepare for our centennial celebration, and support the School’s fundraising initiatives. It will be an exciting time in our history as we prepare for a spectacular 2024 that launches Badger nurse leaders into the next 100 years!

Q: If you had 60 seconds to pitch the board to a prospective member, what would you say to convince them to consider joining the BOV?

Michalski: If you have a passion for impacting health through the nursing profession or are compelled by the opportunity to improve lives and communities through equitable health care, then you would be honored and gratified by contributing your time, expertise, and resources to support the School in this way. As a Badger nurse, I am proud that my alma mater demonstrates leadership to this extent. However, the reward comes from feeling connected to the School’s ability to prepare Badger nurses who change lives, impact health, and build equity.