Centennial Events

How We've Celebrated

On January 23, 2024, we launched our celebration of 100 years of the UW–Madison School of Nursing. We enjoyed our Babcock ice cream flavor Centennial Caramel Swirl and painting our community mural inspired by the School’s legacy, impact, and promising future.

Centennial Ice Cream

A hand holds a scoop of the centennial ice cream in front of the centennial banner.

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What flavor is the centennial ice cream? Why was it chosen?

Our centennial flavor starts with a vanilla base—which was selected for a few good reasons. It represents a blank canvas…and a world of possibilities.

That can mean our mural—a meaningful design made even more beautiful by the input of many.

Or, it can represent what our first leaders saw in front of them when they started the School of Nursing in 1924. They had no template and the road map to our future was not yet drawn.

What are the other ingredients?

We first selected chocolate covered toffee pieces, of various sizes and shapes. These symbolize the breadth of innovations over time—each contribution adding to our impact, and further shaping what we have become.

There is one final ingredient: swirls…of…caramel. These caramel swirls represent progress. They are the flurry of advancement from our beginning to our present.

They will carry us into our future.

What is it called?

We named it to represent the 100-year milestone, emphasizing what it represents for the School of Nursing. Our commemorative ice cream is called Centennial Caramel Swirl.

An ice cream toast

May our enjoyment of the School’s commemorative ice cream be a celebration of our possibilities, our progress, and our impact. It represents the contributions of many, building on a legacy.

May we all take pride in our milestone throughout 2024, knowing that even as we do—we are already shaping our next 100 years.

And…may we all feel included in this work—just as we include all in our aspirations to build equity, improve health, and change lives through nursing.

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