UW Changes Lives: Got a bachelor’s? UW-Madison nursing degree could be just 12 months away

May 6, 2019 | By David Tenenbaum, UW News

Mathew Trapp, accelerated BSN graduate
Mathew Trapp, 26, will graduate with the first accelerated bachelor’s of science in nursing class at UW–Madison. After working as a server in fine dining establishments, he says, “Nursing care is very relatable to the service industry, where you are following a set of steps to ensure a quality experience. In health care, we have steps to assess, diagnose and treat. Nursing is so patient centered, family centered. The best experience in the hospital hopefully will foster a favorable outcome.” Photo by Alex Andre

The first class of students in the new accelerated bachelor’s of science in nursing at the School of Nursing will graduate on May 11, after a year of intensive training.

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