Anastasia Peer-Drake, RN, BSN, CPN

Position title: DNP Student | Pediatric Primary Care


Anastasia Peer-Drake

Education: BSN, UW-Madison

Clinical Experience: I have a year experience in the pediatric ICU as a nursing assistant and then continued to a medical/surgical/gastroenterology as well as protection and mental health services in an inpatient unit for about six years.

Scholarly Interests: Creating opportunities for child protection. Providing support in mental health needs for underserved children with high ACE scores as well as uncontrollable epigenetics. Serving children who have faced adversity or continue to without the necessary resources. Primary care for every child and to provide resources for families and their children.

Advanced Practice Goal and Clinical Interests: To work with children who have complex, emotional and mental health services based if of evidence-based practices. Clinical interests include child protection and unlimited resources for families to create a positive environment for child development.