Spencer Meyer x’25

Position title: Student Ambassador

Spencer Meyer

Spencer Meyer chose to attend the UW–Madison School of Nursing because of its outstanding academic reputation and the hands-on clinical exposure students receive. Meyer adds, “I also really enjoy the professors and other faculty here on campus. They continuously push me to become a better student, which I know will help me grow in my profession and as an individual.”

Meyer’s favorite part of the program so far is applying knowledge and skills gained from the classroom in real-world settings. Outside of class, he loves participating in “Jump Around!” during football games. “The energy and atmosphere are an incredible experience,” Meyer says.

After graduation, he hopes to work as a nurse at UW Health for a year, then pursue further education to obtain his nurse practitioner’s license.

His advice for students who are interested in nursing is to become more involved on campus by joining nursing clubs or starting their own. He also encourages students to learn as much as they can about nursing. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Meyer says.