Carly Holmes, BSN, RN

PhD Student

Advisor: Eileen Kintner, PhD, RN, FAAN
Minor: Prevention and Intervention Science
Research Interests: Pediatrics, trauma-informed care, psych/mental health, community-based interventions, implementation science

Portrait of PhD Student

BSN, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Practice Experience & Interests: Carly Holmes is a dissertation-level PhD student. Her major is pediatric psych/mental health nursing with a minor in prevention and intervention science. Her program of research focuses on promoting child and adolescent attachment, self-regulation, and competency through implementation of effective trauma-informed care interventions in community settings for youth with a history of maltreatment. She plans to establish a community-based, trauma-informed residential program and implement effective equine therapy and sports programs for youth with a history of maltreatment.

Dissertation: Theory- and Evidence-informed Community-based Interventions for Youth with a History of Complex Interpersonal Trauma