Kiran Arora x'25

Position title: Student Ambassador

Pronouns: they/them

Kiran Arora

Kiran Arora chose to attend the UW–Madison School of Nursing because of the access to cutting-edge learning spaces within Cooper Hall and the hospital. They’re also excited about the opportunity to work with faculty who are conducting important research to advance healthcare.

Their favorite part of being a student ambassador is connecting with students who share similar passions and career aspirations. After graduation, Arora wants to influence the field of nursing to be more inclusive and equitable. They hope to provide care to underserved populations or pursue additional education in healthcare policy to work towards creating a more accessible system that focuses on wellness as a whole.

Their advice to those interested in pursuing a career in nursing? “Be flexible, be patient, and ask for help when you need it,” Arora says. “There’s no one right way to becoming a nurse; every experience is neither good or bad, and will help you learn how to become a better nurse down the line.”