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  • Elliot Tebbe

    In Person with Elliot Tebbe, PhD, LP

    Asst. Professor Elliot Tebbe, PhD, LP, discusses his research in mental health and well-being in LGBTQ+ populations and the opportunity to improve quality of life it provides.

  • Two people in conversation

    Canceling the Culture of Clamming Up

    By normalizing conversations about mental health and offering social and peer support for those who may be struggling, nurses can help erase the stigmas associated with mental illness. The most important phrase for nurses to remember when it comes to mental health and mental illness is simple: You are not alone.

  • Angela Fernandez

    Dr. Angela Fernandez | Grant Award

    Dr. Angela Fernandez (site PI) and Dr. Lonnie Nelson (PI, Washington State University (WSU), College of Nursing) were awarded a Diversity Supplement to an R01 grant to support the study Measurement of Nature Contact: The Influence of Cultural Practices on Sleep Health and Chronic Disease among Rural and Urban American Indians.

  • Rachel Gicquelais

    Dr. Rachel Gicquelais | Grant Award

    Dr. Rachel Gicquelais, PhD, was awarded a COVID-19 Response Research and Education grant to support the study Responding to dual epidemics of COVID-19 and overdose among people who inject drugs in Wisconsin

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Researchers in Mental Health & Substance Use

Anne Ersig, PhD, RN

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-263-5251

3121 Cooper Hall, Signe Skott

Angela Fernandez, PhD, MPH, LCSW

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-265-8335

3177 Signe Skott Cooper Hall

Rachel Gicquelais, PhD, MPH

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-263-5290

4257 Signe Skott Cooper Hall

Linda D. Oakley, PhD, RN

Position title: Louis J. and Phyllis Clark Jacobs Professor in Mental Health


Phone: 608-263-5866

4171 Signe Skott Cooper Hall

Elliot Tebbe, PhD, LP

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-263-9456

4181 Signe Skott Cooper Hall