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News Coverage of the School of Nursing

10/13/19 The Washington Post
Overzealous in preventing falls, hospitals are producing an ‘epidemic of immobility’ in elderly patients

“If we think that a patient walking is a patient who will fall, we have to shift that culture.” —Barbara King, PhD, RN, APRN-BC, FAAN, Assoc. Professor and Center for Aging Research & Education Director, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

10/7/19 UW News
UW–Madison merits silver rating in first sustainability assessment

“The School of Nursing, for example, regularly engages the students in discussions about climate justice and environmental stewardship. I know that Linda Scott, who is dean of the Nursing School, has been particularly proud to hear from clinical sites that our students are coming in and educating the professionals at those sites about sustainable practices.” — Chancellor Rebecca Blank, UW–Madison

8/17/19 Wisconsin State Journal
Know Your Madisonian: Singing nurse meets patients where they are emotionally

“I think I’ve gotten a lot more out of my job than I’ve ever given to any of my patients. I see some of the strongest, most beautiful people in the entire world every single day, and I get to take care of them.” Bridget Ravis, BSN UW–Madison

8/15/19 Antigo Times
Building a Healthier Langlade County has recently received a 2.5 year grant

8/12/19 Madison365
Catalyst for Change: Rachel Azanleko-Akouete on a Mission to Eliminate Racial Health Disparities

“As a black woman, college-educated, and middle-income, the birth outcomes are still comparable to a white woman who is not college-educated and who is low-income. That disparity is really sad.”—Rachel Azanleko-Akouete, MPH, BSN UW–Madison

7/19/19 Quartz
Excluding minorities from Alzheimer’s research is wrong—and it’s keeping us from finding a cure

“We see if we can connect people to existing resources that may put them in a better social situation.”Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi, PhD, RN, Asst. Professor, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

7/12/19 WPR
How Early Trauma Can Affect Youth Later in Life

With Pam McGranahan, DNP, RN, Clinical Asst. Professor & DNP Program Director, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

7/8/19 WPR
Shedding Light on Concussions in Women’s Soccer

With Traci Snedden, PHD, RN, CPNP, CNE, Asst. Professor, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

6/28/19 USA Today Opinion
For real equity in women’s soccer, let’s talk about concussion injury

By Traci Snedden, PHD, RN, CPNP, CNE, Asst. Professor, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

6/3/19 Wisconsin Nurses Association
Future Nursing Leader Award – Elizabeth Alleman

5/21/19 The Swaddle
Stressed Parents Make Unhealthy Food Choices for Children

5/20/19 WPR
‘I Needed a Drink When I Got Home’ Nurses turn to alcohol to cope with stress of the job

“We’re nurses, we are like the postal service, we’re here no matter what for you at your time of need. And they are and that’s great, but it’s a double-edged sword.”Linsey Steege, PhD, Assoc. Professor, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

5/13/19 Poynter
There are three nurses for every doctor in the U.S. But nurses appear as sources in only 2% of health care stories

“There’s no way to have this conversation without calling out the elephant in the room — that this is a female-dominated profession.” Gina Bryan, DNP, RN, Clinical Professor, UW–Madison, School of Nursing

5/3/19 NBC15
Making a Difference: Students provide “A Moment of Magic” for critically ill kids