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B. Bowers, Professor, Associate Dean for Research, and Charlotte Jane and Ralph A. Rodefer Chair Creative Workforce Solutions to Promote Wellbeing of Rural Older Adults Principal Investigator Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
CNA/PCW Workshops to Improve Care of Older Adults Principal Investigator Bader Foundation
Healthy Aging in Rural Towns (HeART) Initiative Principal Investigator Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Optimized Chronic Care for Smokers: A Comparative Effectiveness Approach (Fiore, PI) Collaborator NIH
Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantages and Medicare’s 30-day Rehospitalization Policy (Kind, PI) Co-Investigator NIH/NIMHD
Improving Antibiotic Stewardship during the Treatment of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in the Emergency Department (Pulia, PI) Mentor AHRQ
Chinese Immigrant Mothers’ Postpartum Depression Experience: A Grounded Theory Study (Yu, PI) Co-Investigator MNRS
L. Bratzke, Assistant Professor Small CpG Panels for Determination of DNA Methylation Age Principal Investigator UW-Madison School of Nursing Research & Scholarship Committee
S. Endicott, Clinical Assistant Professor Graduate Clinical Preceptor Training Pilot: A UW Health/UW Madison SON Partnership
Co-Principal Investigator UW-Madison School of Nursing Research & Scholarship Committee
A. Ersig, Pediatric Nurse Scholar Identifying Measures of Increased Allostatic Load in Adults, Adolescents and Children with Food Allergy Principal Investigator UW-Madison School of Nursing Research & Scholarship Committee
Engaging Key Stakeholders to Improve Care Coordination & Transitions of Children with Medical Complexity Principal Investigator Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN)
A. Gilmore-Bykovskyi, Assistant Professor Novel Approaches to Identifying and Engaging disadvantaged Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in Clinical Research Principal Investigator NIH/NIA
Race, Neighborhood Socioeconomic disadvantage, and Risk for 30-day Rehospitalization among Medicare Beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s Disease (Kind, PI) Co- Investigator NIH/NIMHD
Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Medicare’s 30-Day Rehospitalization Policy: Eliminating Rehospitalization Disparities by Informing Policy Design and Implementation (Kind, PI) Collaborator NIH/NIMHD
M. Freitag,Director of Diversity Initiatives Success Through Retention, Engagement, and Mentorship (STREAM) for American Indian Students Pursuing Nursing Careers (Tluczek, PD) Co-Director HRSA/NWD
P. Jarzemsky, Clinical Professor “First 60 Second” Training for Nursing Faculty: A Tool to Improve Teaching about Effective Communication in Challenging Situation Project Director UW-Madison School of Nursing Research & Scholarship Committee
B. King, Assistant Professor Engaging Stakeholders to Develop a Patient-Centered Approach to Improving Ambulation of Older Adults during Hospitalization Principal Investigator UW-Madison ICTR-SPER
Getting Older Adult Patients Walking: Replication of MOVIN (Mobilizing Older adult patients Via a Nurse-driven intervention) and Development of an Intervention Toolkit (Steege, PI) Co- Investigator UW-Madison ICTR-D&I
Engineering Safe Care Journeys for Vulnerable Older Adults (Carayon & Smith, PIs) Collaborator AHRQ PSLL
E. Kintner, Professor and Gulbrandsen Chair in Pediatric Nursing Commencement of Dissemination & Implementation of the Staying Healthy—Asthma Responsible & Prepared™ (SHARP) Program Principal Investigator UW–Madison VCRGE; UW–Madison School of Nursing
K. Kwekkeboom,  Professor and Lillian S. Moehlman Bascom Professor in Nursing Improving Clinical Accrual with a Communication Intervention (Campbell, PI) Co- Investigator UWCCC & UW-Madison ICTR
Patient-Reported Outcome Follow-Up Intervention (Neumann, PI) Collaborator UW-Madison ICTR SPER
Sojourn Scholar Award (Schwarze, PI) Mentor Cambia Foundation
Randomized Clinical Trial of a Communication Tool to Improve Access to Palliative Care for Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (Schwarze, PI) Collaborator NIH
D. Lauver, Professor The MyHEART Study: A Young Adult Hypertension Self-Management Randomized Controlled Trial (Johnson, PI) Co-Investigator NIH
L.D.Oakley, Professor A Comparative Effectiveness Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness Meditation vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Opiod-Treated Chronic Low Back Pain (Zgierska, PI) Co-Investigator PCORI
K.Pecanac, Assistant Professor An exploration of communication about treatment decisions: Assessing the influence of advance care planning and dementia Principal Investigator UW-Madison School of Nursing Research & Scholarship Committee
Surrogate Outcomes: The Influence of End of Life/Palliative Care Communication Strategies and Health Literacy Principal Investigator UW-Madison VCRGE
T. Roberts, Assistant Professor Engaging Families to Design Safe Care in Community Nursing Homes Principal Investigator Baldwin WI Idea Endowment
L. Scott,Professor & Dean Keeping patients safe: Examining predictors of nurse fatigue and the moderating effect of shift recovery on patient safety outcomes (Farag, PI) Co-Investigator The National Council of State Board of Nursing Center for Regulatory Excellence
T.Snedden, Assistant Professor Patterns of healthcare utilization and financial costs in children and adolescents following concussion injury in a large Midwestern health system Principal Investigator UW-Madison VCRGE
Assessing the Undergraduate Nursing Student Experience: Engagement and Learning in Pathophysiology and Parmacoloty Co-Lead UW-Madison SoN Research & Scholarship Committee
L. Steege, Assistant Professor Developing a Novel Fatigue Monitoring and Risk Management Decision-Support System in Nursing: A Pilot Study Principal Investigator UW-Madison VCRGE
Understanding Primary Care Teamwork in Context: Implications for HIT Design (Wetterneck, PI) Collaborator AHRQ
Optimizing Display of Blood Pressure Data to Support Clinical Decision Making (Koopman, PI) Co-Investigator NIH
A. Tluczek, Associate Professor Success Through Retention, Engagement, and Mentorship (STREAM) for American Indian Students Pursuing Nursing Careers Project Director HRSA/NWD
Cystic Fibrosis Parent and Family Experience of Care Survey: Qualitative Grounded Dimensional Analysis of Open-ended Questions Principal Investigator Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Bright Beginnings for Families with Infants Newly Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis Principal Investigator Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Innovations in Early Relational Screening, Assessment, and Support in Home Visiting Programs (Clark, PI) Co-Investigator WI Dept of Children & Families
A State-wide Spinal Muscular Atrophy Newborn Screening Pilot in Wisconsin (Baker, PI) Collaborator Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation
E. Ward, Associate Professor Faith and Community in Action: Increasing Knowledge and Management of Depression in African American Communities Principal Investigator UW-Madison Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment
vizHOME: A context-based health information needs assessment strategy (Ponto, PI) Principal Investigator UW-Madison WPP Community Catalyst Grant
K.Whitmore, Assistant Professor Racial disparities and factors associated with unmet medical and supportive service needs in families of children with special healthcare needs Principal Investigator UW-Madison VCRGE
Summer Respite Camp Immersion Instructor UW-Madison Summer Term Igniter Funds
The BREAK (Building Respite Evidence and Knowledge) Exchange Principal Investigator UW-Madison Global Health Institute Seed Grant
eHomeCare – an innovative health care delivery support system for homecare nurses Project Manager UW-Foundation (Frances Williams Gift)
D.Willis, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Summer Respite Camp Immersion Department Chair UW-Madison Summer Term Igniter Funds
HRSA Nurse Faculty Loan Program Project Director HRSA
S. Zahner, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs New to Public Health (N2PH): Dissemination of the Southeast Wisconsin Public Health Nurse Residency Model and Toolkit Principal Investigator UW-Madison ICTR D&I