FAQs About the Badger Nurse Network

Is this a fundraising initiative?

No. The purpose of this network is to promote collaboration and engagement among Badger Nurses. While we hope members will feel inspired to support the School, there are no direct fundraising commitments or asks associated with this group.

Is there travel involved?

No. You are invited and encouraged to attend events in Madison, but there are no expectations of travel associated with this commitment.

Is this a major time commitment?

We know nurses are busy, often juggling many activities and commitments at once. In the Badger Nurse Network, you set your own schedule. We invite you to participate in as many or as few of the network’s opportunities as your schedule allows.

Do I have to be a practicing nurse to participate?

No. Whether you’re a practicing nurse, retired, or pursued a different profession, we want to hear from you how your nursing education has helped you in your professional and personal pursuits.

Do I have to live in Wisconsin to participate?

No, all Badger Nurses are welcome!

Do I have to be a “leader” or in a leadership position to participate?

No. We are looking to create a network that includes all perspectives.

How do I join the BNN?

Join the Badger Nurse Network here.