Family, Faith, Fellowship, and Fitness

July 10, 2019 | By Robert Chappell | Wisconsin Alumni Association

Uchenna Jones
Uchenna Jones ’02, ’09 Photo courtesy of WAA

“My whole thing is family health. Look at all these programs that we have that say, ‘Okay, we have to focus on the kids.’ The kids are only as healthy as their parents. Then we have programs that focus on the men. Well, that man came from a mother and a father, right? Same thing for the mother, right? But if you look at the whole family unit, you would yield the biggest results.” —Uchenna Jones ’02, ’09

For Uchenna Jones ’02, ’09, it’s all about family.

As a labor and delivery nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, she helps start new families. And as the organizer of both the Madison Gospel 5K and the W1N Crew walking group and the co-founder of the Sole Sistas Run Madtown running group, she helps keep those families healthy.

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