About the Badger Nurse Network

The Badger Nurse Network (BNN) is a diverse group of UWMadison Nursing alumni who are active members in their community and exemplary Badger nurses. Network members are committed to helping the school develop leaders for the profession and society by creating a supportive and engaged professional community.


There are UWMadison Badger Nurses everywhere, including 9,419 living alumni, with at least one Badger nurse in all fifty states. Fifty-eight percent of the UW–Madison School of Nursing’s alumni base, totaling 5,705 Badger Nurses, currently lives in Wisconsin, with at least one Badger Nurse in each of the state’s 72 counties. The Badger Nurse Engagement Initiative seeks to create meaningful, reciprocal relationships with its alumni throughout the state. The School offers its resources and hopes to gain insights about nursing workforce challenges around the state as well as means by which it can strengthen the Badger Nurse identity among alumni.


  • Create a sustainable network of engaged UW–Madison Nursing alumni from all eight regions of Wisconsin and all fifty states who are ambassadors for the School. Members will share insights on what it means to be a nurse
  • Support UW–Madison School of Nursing alumni in their pursuit to become leaders for the nursing profession and society
  • Increase the School’s presence throughout the state, advancing clinical placements and outreach activities
  • Exchange insights about modern healthcare, workforce issues, and rural access to health care from the nursing perspective in Wisconsin
  • Identify opportunities for the School to meet alumni needs after graduation
  • Solidify the University of Wisconsin–Madison “Badger Nurse” identity

Guiding Principles

  • UW–Madison School of Nursing Mission: To develop leaders for the profession and society; we make discoveries, enhance systems, and improve health through research, education, and practice.
  • The Wisconsin Idea: One of the longest and deepest traditions surrounding the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Idea signifies a general principle that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.
  • UW–Madison School of Nursing Alumni Engagement Committee Charter: To inspire and implement opportunities that strengthen the “Badger Nurse” identity and build affinity for the School.

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